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True orthodontic emergencies are actually quite rare, but if they occur, Getman Orthodontics is here to help. Don't hesitate to call our office if you experience severe pain, or a problem with an appliance that you can't take care of yourself.

Yes, we did say problems that you can't take care of yourself. You actually can take care of many of the common problems you might experience during treatment at home!

Food Caught Between Teeth

If you have food stuck between your teeth, don't worry. This can easily be fixed by carefully using a piece of floss. You can also use an interproximal brush or toothpick.

Lost Wires or Ligatures

If you lose a wire, notify your parents so we can advise you on next steps. If a rubber ligature does happen to come off, you may be able to replace it using sterile tweezers. If a wire ligature gets loose, you can actually remove it with sterile tweezers. If a wire ligature is poking out, but not loose, you may be able to bend it back down using a q-tip or pencil eraser. This will help alleviate irritation caused by the wire.

Discomfort and Soreness

Many patients do experience discomfort for one or two days after getting their braces put on. Don't worry, this is normal, and should subside in a short period of time. Irritated gums can be relieved by rinsing your mouth with warm salt-water mouthwash.

As your mouth gets accustomed to the braces, you may experience some discomfort in your lips, cheeks, and gums. You can put wax on your braces in order to lessen this discomfort.