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Invisalign Teen in Germantown and Arlington TN

When it comes to Invisalign, every teen in Tennessee should know the basics of this convenient, affordable option. At Getman Orthodontics, we help parents and teens alike deal with the normal struggles of adolescence, helping to give young people greater confidence in their appearance through straighter, more beautiful smiles. We help adolescents and adults alike develop the pride and self-confidence that comes in having healthy, attractive teeth.

Invisalign Teen patient in Cordova, TN

For decades, American teenagers have come to dread the need for metal braces, hiding crooked and unattractive smiles that could be corrected with a minimum of effort, and often carrying a level of self-consciousness about their teeth into their adult years. At Getman Orthodontics, we focus on treating misaligned and crooked teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. Instead, patients are given clear, invisible aligners that help to shift teeth into position, but which can be removed to allow you to eat and drink freely. Nobody will know at first glance that you have braces, but they will be able to see your straighter and more beautiful smile at the end of your treatment.

If you’re a parent and are considering Invisalign for your teen, you should know that Getman Orthodontics is your one stop solution for all the information you need regarding this revolutionary new system. Invisalign is convenient, affordable, virtually pain-free, and typically takes under a year of treatment to provide your teen with an attractive smile and more positive self-image.

Invisalign can improve the smiles of teens with crossbites, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart. If you think that Invisalign may be right for you then talk to your parents and make an appointment today! For adults we also offer Invisalign.

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